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Also known to many as  Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Makeup and Micro pigmentation. If you are 18 or 90 you can benefit from Permanent Makeup. When performed by a trained therapist there will be little discomfort and when performed by myself you will have a natural and attractive result weather you would like Eyeliner, Eyebrow,  Feathered Eyebrows, Lip-liner, Full Lip or Areola you will feel great and look amazing, this is Semi-Permanent and you will need maintenance yearly if required. 
I am a qualified Advanced Cosmetic Tattooist, Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist. I undergo updated training twice a year worldwide. I have spent 12 years studying the face, its structure, symmetry, characteristics and personality. What looks great on one face may be unflattering on another.  I am a member of the  Association of  Cosmetic Tattoo Inc I have chosen this as a specialised area of Advanced Beauty Therapy. I love seeing and hearing the difference it can make to a person’s self esteem, lifestyle and general well being .What I do, I love! I am very particular to make you look the very best you can be!

I would like to invite you to email or call me with any questions you may have.
Please remember.....artistic ability is important! It requires experience and talent to design the facial features. So I design and draw your eyebrows and lip-liner on your face for your approval before the procedure commences. There is no substitute for experience in this business. Permanent cosmetic procedures are semi-invasive, in that the skin is broken in order for the implantation of pigment to occur. Proper sterilisation procedures and personal protection equipment and clothing are necessary for your safety as well as the protection of the technician/artist/practitioner.  

My photos are all genuine most have been taken directly after procedure so will appear at least 30% darker. They have not been photo shopped - They are not glamour models -They are everyday people just like you and I.  Make sure before you have your tattooing applied that you do your homework! 


Permanently Yours by LIsa is now owned and operated by Kelly Stuart.



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Call us on 03 9350 6466 and she will explain everything you need to know regarding these procedures. I am never to busy and I am absolutley honest, down to earth and discreet. We can chat about Permanent Lips, Permanent Eyeliner, Permanent Eyebrows or Cosmetic Tattoo in Melbourne.


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